Regarding the establishment of new coupon tickets

January 10, 2023

Thank you for using the Keikyu Limousine Bus.

From February 1, 2023 (Wednesday), new coupon tickets will be sold on the following routes.

See below for details.

Release date

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Applicable route

Types of coupon tickets

20230201 coupon (Kisarazu).png

*The expiration date is 6 months from the date of purchase.

*Sale of previous coupon tickets will end on Wednesday, January 31, 2023.

Click here for details.

Release location

Bus forest! Please download the app and purchase.

Yokohama Sta. Bus Terminal Information Center (Yokohama Sta. ⇔ Sodegaura Bus Terminal /Kisarazu Station Line only)

Kominato Railway Co., Ltd., Nitto Kotsu Co., Ltd. information centers, etc. (Yokohama Sta. ⇔ Sodegaura Bus Terminal /Kisarazu Station Line, Shinagawa Station ⇔ Sodegaura Bus Terminal /Kisarazu Station Line)


Business Management Department Business Management Section

TEL.045-264-6895 (9:30-18:15 on weekdays only)