About changing the name of the bus stop

March 24, 2023

Thank you for choosing Keikyu Bus.


Please be careful when using.

Implementation date

April 1, 2023 (soil)

Stop name to be changed

current 「逗子高校」⇒ new 「旧逗子高校」

current 「逗葉高校」⇒ new 「逗子葉山高校」

current 「岩戸養護学校」⇒ new 「岩戸支援学校」

Applicable strain

逗31 逗子駅~笹倉・アザリエ循環~逗子駅

逗32 Zushi Station - Azarie/Sasakura Circulation - Zushi Station

逗18 Zushi Station - In front of Zushi Fire Station - Itopia Central Park

北久18 北久里浜駅~大矢部・岩戸養護学校循環~北久里浜駅


Zushi Office (formerly Zushi High School, Zushi Hayama High School)


Kurihama Office (Iwato School for Special Needs Education)