Regarding Hakuba Line operation and new stop construction

November 21, 2023

Thank you for using the Keikyu Limousine Bus.

December 23, 2023 (soil), only the Alpico Kotsu service on the Haneda Airport ⇔ Hakuba route will resume service.

Additionally, from the same day, a new stop will be established at Goryu Escal Plaza to improve convenience.

See below for details.

Operating date

December 23, 2023 (soil) to March 10, 2024 (Day)

Applicable route

Airport bus Haneda Airport ⇔ Hakuba Line

New stop

"Goryu Escal Plaza" stop

*When purchasing a ticket from a ticket vending machine at Haneda Airport, please select "Hakuba Goryu".

time table


Departs from Haneda Airport Terminal 3 7:40

Going to Haneda Airport

Departing from Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal 10:40

Departs from Hakuba Sta. 10:45

Departing from Hakuba Goryu 10:52

Departing from Goryu Escal Plaza 10:57

*Only operated by Alpico Transportation

Scheduled start date for reservation acceptance

Monday, November 27, 2023


Business Management Department Business Management Section

TEL.045-264-6895 (Weekdays only 9:30-18:15)