[Large type limited] Regarding partial relaxation of application qualifications for the training driver system

January 26, 2024

In response to the voices of people who say they want to make use of their years of experience with a Class 1 large license, we have partially relaxed the training driver system for those with a Class 1 large license and experience. Masu.

Previously, the age requirement at the time of joining the company was limited to those under 40 years old regardless of the license they held, but this will be increased to under 50 years old for those who meet certain conditions.

We have good news for those who have been driving trucks for many years and want to make use of their career in their hometown, but cannot use the training system...

Why not start your second career as a bus driver with us?

In addition, we hold company information sessions on weekday evenings. If you are interested but suddenly want to take the test, please feel free to join us as we will provide detailed explanations.

Eligibility for application limited to those with a Type 1 large vehicle license

Training driver (large class 1) conditions.png

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